Lithium/LiFePO4 Lightweight Racing/Road Battery




Ultra-Lightweight Lithium/LiFePO4 racing battery - also suitable for the road!!  Unbelievable weight-saving - up to 60%!!! Noticeable handling improvement due to the effective Centre of Gravity being lower in the motorcycle.  Fit, form and function replacement for the OEM battery so no modiifcations required at all to the battery tray etc - complete 'drop in' replacement:

Totally solid-state and complete with an LED charge indicator for ready reference: 

'Shido' is the market name for the Lithium batteries manufactured by Yuasa, so you're guaranteed superb quality.

Check out the battery equivalents, weights and capacties here:

Extremely fast charging - 90% capacity in 15 minutes!!  for maximum service life, choose one of our Optimate Lithium chargers.

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