HM Quickshifter Plus SS - Seamless Shift

HM Quickshifter Plus SS - Seamless Shift

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HM PLUS SS Features at a glance:

• Plug and Play

• No moving parts

• Small LCD Display

• No tuning needed

• HM SS  Seamless Shift Technology

• Programmable Kill Time* and Sensitivity

• Programmable Shift Direction

• Full 1 Years warranty and HM Technical Support

Simple yet effective, perfect for your track days and race tracks.


The long and short of how and why it works?

Every gear change is different. The seamless shift technology dynamically adapts ‘kill time’ and other parameters in real time to provide the perfect shift – regardless of RPM, load, rider style or gear. The net effect? Reduced laps times because of the ‘time for free’ saved on every shift.

What does that mean for you?

Quite possibly the difference between winning and losing! ONLY HM Quickshifter can give you this game changing ‘edge’. Genuine, tangible and proven seamless shift – there is no other technology or quickshifter in the world that does this or anything like this despite wild claims and misleading marketing.

No other quickshifter in the world comes even close (not even in the same ball park)….first we offered the revolutionary and only digital strain gauge to the world which was an instant hit from cruiser riders through to world championship winning teams, now we have taken that technology a giant leap forwards with seamless shift.

It really is ‘Rocket Science’

The ‘rocket science bit’! – It works by intense processing of the sensor signals using very advanced predictive math in the form of non-linear Kalman Algorithms. The same math and technology that guides missiles and computes the trajectory of Comets.

HM Quickshifter is the only company in the world offering this technology and quite simply has no equal.

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